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Tunes for Ears: “Easy” – Tiny Little Houses


The other night when I was on the search for new music I came across this song that I had previously listened to long enough to give it a heart on SoundCloud. But the second time around it stopped my racing thoughts. The lyrics caught me off guard. I was grabbed by the incredibly raw and honest emotion in the lyrics – “I think that we are fine / not doing great but getting by / I guess we laughed right at the start but now I think I’ll cry.” It’s wanting a relationship to work out, but you know it’s over before it even starts. The instrumentals sharply contrast the emotional honesty of the lyrics with lo-fi electric guitar twang and ringing tambourine, creating an ever-lasting wonderland. Constant strumming of acoustic guitar, continuous beating of percussion and soft spoken verses wash over the listener like a novocaine-induced dream, making the pain in the lyrics feel fuzzy and warm. The 90s lo-fi production  only adds to the nostalgic emotions. Overall, the song is inexplicably happy, making this the sweetest sad song I never knew I needed.

“Easy” is the first release from Tiny Little Houses’ debut You Tore My Heart Out EP. With a handful of releases (mostly demos) on SoundCloud, it leaves me looking forward to see what the Melbourne, Australian band can do.

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