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Of Monsters and Men Photos

Icelandic indie-folk/pop band Of Monsters and Men made a stop in Austin for their U.S. tour, so I went down to Stubb’s to see them and take photos. I really only knew the band for their hit “Little Talks,” but I was quite surprised by their live performance. They were all smiles the whole time and so was the crowd- their music is contagiously happy. I can see why their show sold out so soon.

Their live sound is just as full as the album because, in addition to the normal band instruments, they play piano, organ, accordion, trumpet, and assorted percussion instruments in their live show that are also used on the album . But what really makes them unique are their lead singers- yes, plural. They have a male and female singer who take turns leading the songs and singing together, which gives their music a rich and interesting sound.┬áThe six piece band also had two touring members with them. They’re a really cool group of musicians and I suggest seeing them live.

To view all of my photos of the band, you can visit my flickr page.


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