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New Music: What Are You Waiting For?

On June 21 Paradise Fears released a music video for “What Are You Waiting For?” off of their new Battle Scars EP, which comes out on June 25.

The title of the song originated from lyrics featured in “Just A Feeling” on their first album Yours Truly. As the lyrics gained meaning, it eventually became the thesis for its own song.

Overall sound of the song captures the spirit of the band. Group vocals and drums drive the core of the song while front man Sam Miller incorporates spoken word during the verses with lyrics like “If you love it, embrace it/ If you want it, then chase it.”

The music video is equally as moving and inspirational. It depicts the goals of fans and friends who answered the question- what are you waiting for?

Paradise Fears has come so far since their start. I am truly excited to hear their new music on the Battle Scars EP. This is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives as they push onward to greater things.

This song brings out the dreamer in all of us and turns us into believers. There’s just one thing left. What are you waiting for?

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