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Five Songs You’ll Love

1. The Neighbourhood – “Sweater Weather”

The obvious British spelling of the name goes to show that the California native band is anything but average. One of my personal favorite songs at the moment, “Sweater Weather” is a cheeky tune that feels like exactly what their music video shows- young love adventures in California’s sun-kissed summer days with dashing bad boys.

2. twenty | one | pilots – “Holding On To You”

Don’t let the Eminem sound-alike catch you off guard, this isn’t another rapper with a cheesy radio hit. Twenty One Pilots is an extremely energetic duo from Ohio. It’s hard to put a label on this band. Indietronica? Synth-pop? Rap rock? No matter what it is, they do it well. Give them a listen for yourself and see what you think.

3. The 1975 – “Chocolate”

British band The 1975 is taking over the alternative music scene with this addictive song. “Chocolate” is a new take on the bad boy vibe with electrifying pop-y guitar pick-ups that seems to have listeners captivated.

4. New Politics – “Harlem”

“Harlem” is a dancing song if there ever was one. After hearing this song, you’ll probably be as surprised I as was to find out this pop rock trio is from Copenhagen, Denmark, although they currently live in New York, which makes a lot more sense for the song. The band made an appearance at SXSW this year and they are one to keep your eyes out for.

5. Robert DeLong – “Global Concepts”

I first encountered Robert DeLong when he opened for Two Door Cinema Club at Stubb’s on April 10. I had no idea who he was, but after his performance I made sure to add him to my radar. My first reaction to him was that a face-painted Ron Weasley was on stage playing us dub step on a joystick. As weird of a combination as that sounds, it was freaking awesome.  Robert DeLong is part of the new generation that brings their video gaming skills to play- literally- in their music. Watch a part of the madness here.

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