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Ellie Goulding Releases “Explosions” Video

British synth-pop sensation Ellie Goulding released a tour video for her song “Explosions,” featured on Halcyon. The song is currently climbing to the top of the UK iTunes charts.

Goulding tweeted her reaction about the song’s success.

“Really very delighted to see that my unreleased track Explosions is climbing ITunes chaaart,” Goulding (@elliegoulding) tweeted.

The song shows off Goulding’s softer side with lyrics like “I’ve fallen from grace/ Took a blow to my face/ I’ve loved and I’ve lost.” With her personal lyrics accompanied by a choir and an orchestra, this song is sure to touch your heart.

“Explosions” is personally one of my favorite songs from Halcyon and it will be yours too after you listen to it once. It fits nicely on the album in between her other upbeat songs.

If you’re like me you’re probably wondering what exactly Halcyon means. It means a period of peaceful happiness or an idealistic time. Halcyon literally refers to a bird, common to the kingfisher, which in ancient legend would live by the sea and calm the waves during the winter solstice.

You can buy “Explosions” on iTunes and follow Ellie Goulding on twitter.

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