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Best Live Bands of 2012

With the coming of the new year, comes a whole new set of concerts. Which means it’s time to name the best live shows of 2012.  These are according to the concerts I have attended this year. Read below to find out my top 5!

5. Matt & Kim

Matt and Kim 2









The Matt & Kim concert I went to in October was really a surprise. They had so much crazy energy to bring to the stage and they were pumped to play in Austin. For being only a two-man-band, they played a great live set, including breaks between songs for a dance party, confetti, 300 blow-up balloons, and crowd surfers. They interacted with the audience a lot which made them feel personable. Matt &  Kim put on one crazy dance party, that’s for sure.

4. The Maine
The Maine by Jenna Million

The Maine has improved immensely over the past year. They have turned into a professional and well put together band. They like to play their music and they like to have a good time. That is exactly what they did all year on their world tour. They continue to impress me with their mixed sets including new indie songs and old pop rock songs. The Maine will always put on a good show.

3. Boys Like Girls
Boys Like Girls by Jenna Million

Boys Like Girls are just one of those bands that have been in the game for so long that they are absolute pros. Everything about how they presented themselves was what you’d expect a good rock band to be like. Their stage presence and musicianship was above anything I’d ever seen from any live band. They have real talent and it’s obvious they love making and playing music for their fans.

2. Two Door Cinema Club








I think Two Door Cinema Club is one of the best live bands because they go on stage and play their songs perfectly every time. Their sound is very special to them and they are not afraid to show it. They represent their music well and always get people off their feet and having a good time. I can’t wait to see them on tour next year.

1. Walk the Moon









This band made me dance their whole set when I only knew 3 of their songs. Their up-beat rhythms and contagious melodies will get any concert goer worked up. The band, sporting face paint, played the night away with high spirits  The lead singer even joined the crowd for a dance party during their finale song. Look out for Walk the Moon this year, because they are going to be the next big thing.

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