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Artist Spotlight: BoyMeetsWorld

When you hear the name BoyMeetsWorld, you’re probably thinking of the 90s television show, but BoyMeetsWorld, the band, is here to change that image. BoyMeetsWorld is an uprising pop punk band from Cincinnati, OH. Racing drums, gang vocals, and guitar riffs give this band something special.

In one year as a band, BoyMeetsWorld has won first place at their tri-state Battle of the Bands, booked and played shows out of town and released their debut EP “Do What’s Best For You.” The band is made up of lead singer Craig Sulken, guitarists Pat Bryant and Drew Richter, bassist Brad Sulken, and drummer Ryan Sulken.

“We decided to start this band because music has always been something every member loves doing, and we really want to have our music heard around the world,” the band said. “It would be insane to know that people all over the place are blaring our music.”

It is apparent through lyrics that BoyMeetsWorld is all about having fun and spending their days making memories with great friends. They describe thier music as  “fun, energetic, and something you’ll love to sing along to in the shower or in the car.”

And it isn’t just an image. They bring this vibe to play in real life, too. When they take the stage their lively performance gets the crowd pumped up. The band’s favorite song to play live is “Right Where We Belong,” a perfect example of what they’re all about.

“It’s the most energetic and everybody sings with us every time we play it…,” BoyMeetsWorld said.

The overall sound and lyrical content of BoyMeetsWorld’s music reminds me of Mayday Parade meets Man Overboard, but their abilities do not stop there.

The band said, “we think our songwriting and live show makes us a little different than other bands in our genre. We think we pack a little bit more of a punch in both aspects.”

Like most bands, BoyMeetsWorld is inspired by the bands they love and listened to growing up like Mest, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, and Bayside.

Since their start in the summer of 2012, BoyMeetsWorld have grown a lot.

“The best part about being in [BoyMeetsWorld] is definitely all of the people we’ve met and continue to meet,” they said. “We’ve made so many good friends, and love getting to know people and their life stories.”

The band has a lot of plans for the future like playing shows in Cincinnati, hitting the road to play some out of town shows in the fall, and maybe even putting out a new single or EP in the coming months.

BoyMeetsWorld released a music video for “Right Where We Belong”  on July 22. The band’s EP “Do What’s Best For You” is available for purchase on iTunes.

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