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Album Review: Warrior


On November 30, Ke$ha released her second full studio album, Warrior.

The album explores many new sounds but still keeps the old pop-rock Ke$ha sound in songs “C’mon” and “Die Young”. “Crazy Kids” features a classic Ke$ha chorus but the verses change to heavy base and synth with rap style lyrics. One of the pop songs on the album is “Wherever You Are” which fits nicely in the album’s eclectic sound.

Warrior has shown Ke$ha’s improvement from her first full length album Animal where she used no trace of guitar. Although she hasn’t completely said good-bye to her auto-tuned, synth ridden songs like “Supernatural” and title track “Warrior,” she has taken a huge step in the right direction since her breakout single “Tik Tok” as she infuses different sounds with heavy influences from rock and pop of the 70s.

Ke$ha collaborated with a dream-team of big name producers and songwriters (Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, Max Martin, Shelback, Cirkut, Ammo and more) as well as other song writers and musicians including Fun.’s front man Nate Ruess (Die Young), Patrick Carney from The Black Keys, and The Strokes. But it doesn’t end there. The 70s icon Iggy Pop is featured on track “Dirty Love” and guest vocals from Flaming Lip’s singer Wayne Coyne are on the bonus track “Past Lives.”

This album does take time to show Ke$ha’s softer side in tracks “Wonderland,” “Love into the Light,” and “Past Lives.” Her time between albums has proven her new outlook on life with lyrics “I know I’m not perfect/ I know I got issues” and “Maybe it’s about the perfect place/ to let go and forget/ about the hate” (Love into the Light) where she emphasizes the importance of letting differences go and accepting each other.

Although the album failed to break the Top 5 of Billboard’s Hot 200 chart, it is still a collection of fun pop-rock songs that fans will listen to on repeat. Whether you are a new fan or a returning fan, you will love this crazy pop album.

Artist: Ke$ha

Album: Warrior

Jenna’s Rating: 3.5/5

Suggested Tracks: “Thinking of You” “Wherever You Are” “Love into the Light”

Watch Ke$ha’s music video for “Die Young” here and click here to see the official “C’mon” lyric video. You can also buy Warrior on iTunes.

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