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On Jan. 23, pop band Action Item announced PROJECT BRAVE. This project is designed to reach people of all ages and affect them in a positive way through Action Item’s new single “Brave.”

Read more from the band:

PROJECT BRAVE — An Introduction.

We would like to introduce you to Project Brave. PROJECT BRAVE is a plan that is now months in the making. After writing the song “Brave” last summer, we knew that this song could be something big but we just didn’t know how big it could get. We started playing it acoustically at concerts in the summer & we saw an immediate reaction to the song. We realized that there is something about it that people can universally can connect with & thus the project was born.

Project Brave will be a string of videos released through YouTube by OTHER artists. Sometimes we collaborate with them, sometimes they will cover it, sometimes they will do their own interpretation of the song. The idea is to get as many people as possible to hear the song “Brave” and to have it affect them in a positive way. We will be working with artists from all over the world on this project.

On top of that starting 1/23/13 – a percentage of all single sales from Brave will be donated to STOMP OUT BULLYING, an organization that helps put an end to bullying, whether it be physical or cyber. You can purchase Brave on iTunes here: & you can listen to the original song here:

Look for a ton of Project Brave videos coming your way ASAP! Please spread the word!!
-Action Item

It’s clear that this project is close to Action Item’s heart and it’s something they have been working very hard on.

Guitarist Anthoy Li (@anthonyli) tweeted “I am so proud to announce PROJECT BRAVE. This is one of the most creative & genuine things the guys & I have ever attempted to accomplish.”

In another tweet he continued to express his feelings about the project.

“If you take anything away from Project Brave, its that you can’t give up. You were able to get to where you are because of your OWN strength,” Li tweeted.

According to Li, anyone can cover “Brave” and post it to YouTube. They will promote anyone who covers the song to support Project Brave. If you know a band or artist who you want to hear a cover from, make sure to tell them about it.

To support Project Brave and STOMP OUT BULLYING, purchase “Brave” on iTunes and listen to the original song on YouTube. You can learn more about Stomp Out Bullying by going to and visiting their official Facebook page.

Watch the video introduction to Project Brave below. Follow Action Item on twitter to stay updated with the project.

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